5 Traits that make you a Team Player

Team player? What exactly does it mean?

If you have been working in a company for a long or even if you are just starting out to work as a team with others, be it your school or college project, you must have come across this term. But what exactly does it mean? 

Being a team player can mean different things for different individuals depending on their ideologies. For some, it could be the person who outshines the other members. And for others, it could mean the hidden team member who supports the base for others. 

Anyhow, a team player is someone who uses their skills, expertise, and knowledge toward the common welfare of the team and makes the team excel in whatever it is proceeding with.

Before we get to know the most common traits of a team player, let us first understand some of the hurdles that can stop us from becoming one.


Hurdles in becoming a Team Player

In this part, we are not focusing on the external factors which are beyond our control. Rather, we will be discussing the internal issues which can stop us from giving our best.

  • It’s not my task.

The first and foremost thing to understand is, being a team player means focusing on the team goals rather than personal goals. Many people tend not to do a task or complete a task as they believe it is not “their work” and “their teammate’s work.”

We are not encouraging spoon-feeding or going beyond your limits here, but to help out your teammates wherever you can. 

  • It is impossible.

Being pessimistic is another individual trait that stops one from reaching their best potential. It is okay if something is difficult or unattainable, but giving up before even trying would lead to nowhere. Thinking that a task is impossible only leaves you with problems and no solutions.

  • I didn’t have a guide.

Another highly affecting factor is depending on others for even the menial tasks. For example, if you have been assigned a task and you get stuck at it because you don’t understand a few words shows your incapability of doing research on your own. There are various ways in which you can search the meaning on your own, rather than depending on a person to do it for you.


Traits that make you a Team Player

Now that we have discussed the issues, let us talk about the main part; “How to overcome those?”

Being a team player may or may not be a genetic advantage. The traits can be developed with time and as per the need of projects from time to time. All you need to do is focus on a few things. Ask yourself the following questions:

“What does your team need to do in order to perform better?”

“How can you contribute to that?”

“Do you have to take the lead or help others to grow?”

These questions can start with setting your process of becoming a team player into action. Here are a few characteristics that you can adapt in order to become a team player.


  • Open to suggestions and opinions

First of all you must understand that you are working as a team. It is possible that there can be conflict of interests and chances that other opinions are better than yours. Therefore, be open to the suggestions and inputs made by others. Evaluate the pros and cons of each suggestion along with your team and choose the one which is the most suitable for the team. 

  • Taking up responsibilities

The completion of tasks is not just the responsibility of the team leaders or managers. There is a reason why teamwork is called teamwork. This doesn;t mean that you have to take up all the work there is but you can divide responsibilities. Once the tasks have been delegated based on interests as well as expertise, take the responsibility of completing your task. In case of an issue, resolve it with the help of your team but try not to give up on it before trying.

  • Having the back of your teammates

Even when the tasks have been delegated, there are possibilities that you may have to help your teammate in completing a task. In such cases, do not hesitate. When you are working as a team, you are not competing with your team members. In fact, you are all working together towards the same goal, so make sure you have your teammate’s back whenever they need it.

  • Coming up with solutions

Instead of stating the problems, be the problem solver. Working on a new project could mean taking up tasks that none of your teammates know about. In such cases, make it a duty to learn and come up with solutions. Remember, if you fail, your team fails, and if you pass, your team passes.

  • Thrive for better 

Being a team player doesn’t mean leaving your individual gains behind. Whatever you learn helps in building your skills stronger. Even if you change teams or switch your job, your individual skills will contribute to your team’s achievements. Therefore, keep thriving to do more, take better care of completing the tasks, and improving your knowledge. That way you are not just being a team player but an individual achiever too.


So, these are tried and tested ways in which you can do better as an individual as well as become the team player everyone wants in their team. All you need to do is keep doing your best. By the way, do you drink a lot of coffee to stay focused on your work? Let us tell you that it can have negative effects on you in the long run. But don’t worry, you can check out the ways to reduce the coffee intake and thank us later!


Written by- Priyanka Rampal


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