5 Traits that make you a Team Player

Well, do you know how a company works efficiently on a regular basis? Does an individual perform in a company or a team? No matter what level or kind of industry you work in, it’s important to develop teamwork skills. This will definitely help the company effectively.

Just like in sports, the best team players are the ones who are unselfish and make the decisions for the team. Lionel Messi may be the best player in the football field at any given moment. But if the clock’s ticking and he finds an open teammate, he’ll pass him the ball to score the goal. All the desired results can be achieved if the team performs well and most importantly each player.


What are the things that stop you?

It’s not my task. 

When you are assigned a task but you disagree to do it because it’s your colleague’s task. Here we tend to mean that you won’t get any additional benefits to do that task as it’s not your job.

It is impossible. 

Here we tend to procrastinate and say that it’s not possible to complete a particular task. So we don’t even start or take that work.

I didn’t have a proper guide. 

Sometimes, employees are assigned certain tasks without giving proper guidance. Employees are not able to complete the task in a proper manner and it’s left incomplete. Without guidance, it creates problems for both the employer and the employee.


Apart from the things that stop you, there are certain traits that a team player must have:


Try being flexible.

 Team players must collaborate among themselves. When presented with difficult times, try to connect with your peers. Do your best to accommodate their needs. Flexibility doesn’t mean bending over backwards, granted. It’s important that everyone do their fair share and strive for quality work.

Be an active listener. 

Collaboration often evokes feelings of sociability and shared ideas. Making sure that you’re putting as much energy into other people’s ideas as you do your own. When listening to your peers, let them see you’re engaged by making eye contact and keeping positive body language.

Being a problem-solver.

 Collaborating with a team also means thinking and resolving issues when they arise. Pointing out problems are very easy, but offering solutions to problems are what team’s desire. Remind your peers that you’re all working toward the same goals.

Being reliable and responsible. 

You will be an excellent team player if you complete tasks in order of priority. As a reliable and responsible team player, you will be able to manage your time effectively, be prepared for meetings and you will work without constant supervision.

Having a positive attitude.

This may not be technical skill, but positivity is instrumental when looking for a better team player. Think of it as the hidden x-factor you can leverage anytime, anywhere. By maintaining that positivity, you can help break down walls that hinder communication and stifle collaboration.

 So, mainly these skills will help you improve efficiency, be more productive and effective teams will help the firm drive towards success. Do you drink a lot of coffee to stay focused at work? If yes, then it can have side effects in the long term-. To know how to reduce the coffee intake


Written by- Priyanka Rampal


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