MAS celebrates Christmas with a Social Cause

December 25, 2021by MAS Editorial Team0

“Open your heart to those in need.”

Christmas is the time for festive cheers and sharing with the ones you care about. With this set intention, MAS came forward with a unique social initiative this Christmas, to share happiness and festivities with the ones who aren’t privileged enough to fulfil their basic needs. To spread some smiles on those gloomy faces, the team decided to visit two nearby old age homes, ‘Kamla Bakshi Elder Home Society’ and ‘Shiv Ashram Family’ for the compassionate initiative.

The whole team contributed to the cause and a handful volunteered to brighten the day for the ones who truly desire company and compassion. The team spent the whole day laughing and playing with everybody in the Ashram. They showered their kind blessings to the volunteers with cheerful hearts and sparkling eyes.

The manager of Shiv Ashram was ecstatic to see joyful chuckles all around. She later shared her views about how those people used to live at refined places but were lonely. The Ashram has given their lives a new dimension.

What the directors are saying-

As Christmas is a day of joy and hope, we as a team are so grateful to have received this chance to spend this prosperous day with the people of old age home. Indeed, a special day!

Siddhartha Havelia, Director, MAS

I am extremely blessed to have been a part of this social initiative and to get the opportunity of spreading smiles on the faces of the elderly.

Ankit Jain, Director, MAS

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