MAS celebrates its 13th Anniversary

December 18, 2021by MAS Editorial Team0

Annual Founder’s Day 2021– ‘A day to celebrate past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead.’

A rainbow of colors unfurled on the stage as MAS celebrated the accomplishment of a decade of hard work and persistence. There’s nothing quite like having fun gatherings to bring an office together. The day was marked by the employees gathering to celebrate the company’s milestones over the past years while mapping out future endeavors.

In their welcoming remarks, the directors, Mr. Siddhartha Havelia and Mr. Ankit Jain reflected over the past 13 years of the organization, its drive-in a gist, its adversity, and its countless achievements accumulated till date. Talking about their vision, they stood up to take a pledge and unfold new opportunities for each individual who is a part of the company. With their influential words, they encouraged and commended all the  employees for their rigorous efforts and contributions to the organization.

The delightful gathering included a number of activities ranging from poetry to incredible performances put together by the team members. It was an ice-breaking experience with everybody getting along and sharing laughs. With the dress code as western and myriad exotic cocktail dishes on display, the day ended up being a pleasant celebration for the team.

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