Siddhartha Addresses Masses at WLA 2023 Dubai

May 9, 2023by admin0

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

A leader doesn’t grow followers, but individuals with the instincts of initiation. He is someone who leads, inspires, and encourages others toward innovation. Mercurius congratulates Siddhartha for representing the potential of outsourcing at the international conference held by the World Law Alliance 2023 in Dubai.


Among various industry experts, Siddhartha, with his profound knowledge of the ever-growing outsourcing industry, delivered a captivating speech. His presentation resonated with many individuals leaving them with a multitude of perspectives for consideration.


During the presentation, Siddhartha delved into the story of his humble beginning and how he and his partner built this million-dollar company along and the rest of the team. The reason for the success being his unwavering commitment and bit-by-bit modelling of a structure that provides all-round services for the back office assistance. Not a doubt that outsourcing had a profound impact on the same.


Siddhartha has been a source of inspiration for the team consistently. Day by day, he shows that leadership isn’t a position you acquire, but instead a place you work hard for; each day, every day.

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