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Elevate your experience without elevating your expenses

Accounting Packages

Affordable, transparent, and effectiveโ€”designed to fit any budget, our plans promise value and transparency at every level. Pick the plan that best suits your strategy!

Hourly Rates

Part Time

10 to 79 Hours per month


Partial Shift

80 to 159 Hours per month


Full Time

160 Hours or more per month



  • Due to time zone differences, the turnaround time will be 24 hours.

  • Monthly calls will have a duration of up to 1 hour each.

  • Initial consultation for up to 30 minutes will be free of cost.

  • Prices are indicative in nature. These rates are governed by various factors such as nature of business, volume and complexity of transactions. The same can be finalized during the onboarding process.

  • Inclusions in Inventory Management:

    1. Use of an inventory object code (i.e. SKUs)
    2. Record purchasing and receiving of goods for resale
    3. Record transactions for goods sold
    4. Physical inventory count from clients’ end
    5. Adjusting the General Ledger Inventory Balance:

    ย  ย  a. Correcting inventory shortage
    ย  ย  b. Correcting inventory overage
    ย  ย  c. Recording inventory devaluation

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