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Bookkeeping And Accounting

Now manage your accounts with utmost meticulousness and attentiveness with our experts working around the clock.


Do you constantly find yourself buried under paperwork? Is keeping a track on numbers a constant hassle? As a small business owner, is it a struggle to manage several departments while ensuring your business remains growing?
Bookkeeping is an ideal responsibility to delegate to an outsourced professional.
At MAS, youโ€™ll find the right experts to efficiently and reliably handle your books and company information. We assist you with the Bookkeeping chores and the stress of myriad paperwork that comes with it while you handle the more essential matters to grow your business.

Our Bookkeeping services are there to help you maintain an accurate record of numbers and data sans errors. These services help you get tax ready numbers while we do the tasks for you. Even if you are overdue, we can help you in catching up with your records so you can turn your attention to other essential matters.

How youโ€™ll benefit?

  • Peace and Assurance: From eliminating Bookkeeping distraction, you can better focus on what you do best. You stay assured that the books are being done right and by a professional expert.
  • Saving time: Our dynamic and targeted approach is designed to save you money and time. The pressure off from going through various books, youโ€™ll get more time to handle immediate and crucial matters to help your business reach its financial goals.
  • Better Insight: Itโ€™s an added advantage to delegate the work to an expert that understands the process and industry inside out. Our professionals provide you with accurate financial reports and better understandings to help you make more informed decisions for your business.
  • Hassle-free Tax Season: When the Tax season is approaching, you can be ready with your numbers and donโ€™t need to panic at the last second. Our experts stay ahead of the end minute tax troubles and remain prepared with accurate data to help ease the process.
  • More profits: Saving the cost of your in-house bookkeeping expert and giving you more assistance in achieving your businessโ€™s financial goals in apt time is how we operate. More accurate analysis of pointing out waste and error from our skilled professionals helps in attaining more profitability.

Our professionals are certified in multiple accounting software and can assist you with all available versions in the market. They can also help in the integration of industry specific add on software programs, depending on the nature of industries.

Outsourcing your Bookkeeping to our professionals at MAS provides your organization with more ability to grow. Your books contain valuable information concerning your business and itโ€™s essential that they are accurate, timely and efficiently processed. Hereโ€™s where we shine.

Software we hold expertise in

Why Choose Us?

Attention to Details

Our qualified experts are well groomed with the technology and are highly proficient in numerous accounting software prevailing in the industry to assist you with business specific solutions and aid your business growth.

Exemplary Client Satisfaction

Our team of experts take a personalized approach when it comes to understanding our clientsโ€™ expectations and their long term goals. We take charge of all your business requirements while you save your time to focus upon more crucial matters at hand.

Data Security & Privacy

With 100% in-house operations, we safeguard our clientโ€™s data from outsidersโ€™ involvement. Shielded by protected servers of the company, safeguarding your confidential information is our top most priority.