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Inventory Management

We can assist you in tracking down your inventory to keep up with your companyโ€™s goals.


Is efficiently managing your inventory turning out to be a real hassle?
Are you looking to outsource the management from trusted industry experts?

One of the key functions of inventory management is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse, which can be complicated and time-consuming.

Not enough inventory means lost sales. Too much inventory means more storage and management cost. Using an outsourced Inventory management service considerably improves your manufacturing efficiency. Here is where MAS enters the scene.

Manage your inventory in a flexible, responsive and efficient manner with the help of our trusted professionals.ย 

MAS provides competent inventory management services to help you run your organization effectively. Our services try to efficiently identify which and how much stock to order at what times. Our professionals keep a trajectory of the entire process of tracking inventory from purchase to the sale of goods.

They also work with you to develop inventory cost accountancy, streamline credit management, inventory audit, and enhance the cash flow to make space for valued working assets that are stuck in the inventory.

Our immaculate inventory management system helps in maintaining consistent, reliable and accurate data which can be further processed for decision making.

How youโ€™ll benefit?

  • Setting up of inventory in accounting software
  • Determination of SKU
  • Creation of products and SKU in the system
  • Keying opening inventory quantity and values
  • Determination of method of calculating inventory
  • Valuation of inventory
  • Warehouse operations optimization
  • Streamlining the inventory lifecycle
  • Month/period end inventory adjustments
  • Reconciliation between physical inventory and inventory as per books
  • Integrating inventory management software with accounting software
  • Monitoring the integrated software
  • ย 

Why Choose Us?

Attention to Details

Our qualified experts are well groomed with the technology and are highly proficient in numerous accounting software prevailing in the industry to assist you with business specific solutions and aid your business growth.

Exemplary Client Satisfaction

Our team of experts take a personalized approach when it comes to understanding our clientsโ€™ expectations and their long term goals. We take charge of all your business requirements while you save your time to focus upon more crucial matters at hand.

Data Security & Privacy

With 100% in-house operations, we safeguard our clientโ€™s data from outsidersโ€™ involvement. Shielded by protected servers of the company, safeguarding your confidential information is our top most priority.