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US Associate

Ricardo Molina

Ricardo, a seasoned entrepreneur and transformative leader, with over 25 years of executive experience across diverse industries. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, he’s received various leadership recognition awards from top corporations like GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson for his customer-centric leadership.

Embracing the principle of “The Law of Addition,” Ricardo believes in adding value by serving others, embodying a leadership style that promotes growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Guided by servant leadership principles, Ricardo fosters inclusive cultures and empowers teams to excel. His expertise lies in optimizing operations, driving growth, and inspiring innovation.

Passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, he runs a leadership academy dedicated to executive coaching, masterminds, and self-improvement programs tailored to enhance leadership effectiveness and overall performance. Through his leadership academy, he cultivates the next generation of servant leaders with tailored coaching and development programs. Ricardo’s mission? To build a legacy of servant leadership, one customer relationship at a time.