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Siddhartha Havelia

Siddhartha’s career in finance began at renowned firms like Grant Thornton India, PwC, and American Express, where he acquired extensive industry knowledge. Despite his success, he felt drawn towards taking the industry beyond traditional roles. In 2008, Siddhartha co-founded Mercurius with his partner Ankit, driven by a vision to innovate the finance sector.

The early years were challenging, marked by limited resources and skepticism, but their determination and partnership helped them overcome these hurdles. Today, Mercurius is a global enterprise, offering over 15 services to more than 30 countries, built on the principles of perseverance, innovation, and a desire to effect change.

As a certified CA, Siddhartha leads his team with empathy and leadership, expanding their offerings from accounting and bookkeeping to include tax preparation, company formation, real estate accounting, controllership, virtual assistance, marketing, and more.

โ€œThe idea is to promote future leaders who bring in methods that simplify the processes. WIth our team at Mercurius, we drive innovative and customized solutions that lead businesses to success.โ€