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Maximize Your UK Tax Returns with Mercurius

UK Taxation Services

Navigating the complexities of UK taxation can be daunting. At Mercurius, we offer comprehensive tax solutions tailored to your individual or business needs.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Beyond offering services, we complement your journey with our commitment to Satisfaction.

Our UK Tax Services

Our experienced team specializes in delivering tailored tax solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the UK including income tax, VAT filing and payroll tax.
We offer a full spectrum of services to address your specific tax requirements. Our goal is to simplify the tax process for you, providing personalized strategies and solutions that align with your financial goals and objectives.

With Mercurius, you can trust that your tax affairs are in capable hands. We stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring that your tax filings are accurate, compliant, and optimized for your financial well-being.
Let us take the stress out of tax season so you can focus on what matters the mostโ€”growing your business and achieving your goals.

What do we provide?

Income Tax

Self Assessment Tax (SA100)

Corporate Tax (CT600)

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

National Insurance (NI)

Non-Profit Tax

Payroll Tax

Which Tax Applies to You?

Individual Tax (SA100)

Applies to individuals and income from jobs, self-employment, investments, and property. Individuals must file a Self Assessment tax return (SA100) annually.

Non-Profit Tax

Applies to registered charities and their income. Charities file annual accounts with the Charity Commission and comply with HMRC reporting.

Corporate Tax (CT600)

Applies to UK companies on their profits. Companies file annual accounts, a Confirmation Statement, and a Corporation Tax Return (CT600) with HMRC.

VAT filing