5 Ways to Improve Productivity at Workplace

September 17, 2022by MAS Editorial Team0

5 Ways to Improve Productivity at Workplace


Wondering how some people get all their daily tasks ticked off on the list at the end of a day? Or how to reduce the stress of working overtime to restore work-life balance and? The answer to your questions is to improve productivity at the workplace.

Workplace productivity is not a math formula which can be derived after adding 2 and 2. It can only be achieved with regularly implementing good practices and habits. But before you question the need of becoming more productive, let us answer with the benefits of it. All the professionals have some desirable results which can be attained by adopting the ways to improve productivity:

  1. Completing allocated tasks on time
  2. Managing the work-life balance
  3. Saving energy for the end of the day
  4. Staying away from loads of stress
  5. Utilizing the in-between breaks
  6. Giving your 100% to each and every task
  7. Successfully Completing the petty tasks too

Basically, becoming productive at work can help you increase your efficiency at the workplace. And one thing that we are sure of now, you definitely want to boost productivity at work now. So, let’s just quickly jump to the tricks and learn how you can increase your work efficiency.


Start with a to-do list

One habit that you must not miss on is preparing a to-do list at the start of the day. In order to increase your productivity at work, you must list down all the tasks that need to be done. However, remember to prepare a to-do list for the day, for the week, and in case of long-term projects, for a month too.

This helps you in successfully tracking where your efforts are used and what needs more attention. Make sure that your list is made based on the priority tasks. This helps in increasing your work efficiency too.


Divide tasks based on energy

Of course it is hard to have the same energy of doing work throughout the day. It is a workplace after all, and people lose their energy while having fun too. So, there is no point blaming your energy levels for lack of productivity. Instead start working according to your mood and level of energy.

At times when you are feeling motivated and focused, work on the important tasks. When you are feeling a little less invested, work on the simpler and easier tasks. This helps you in using the time at work productively and to improve your productivity at work.


Take a break before breaking down

There is a reason workplaces provide you with breaks. What is that? Well, it is actually for taking breaks to save yourself from breaking down under the work pressure. There is no end to work, but there is always a limit of how long one can work continuously. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to improve productivity is to take a break. Instead of taking a break in between a task, take it after completing it. Set a goal of tasks and once done reward yourself with the much needed break. This helps in starting the next task with a fresh mindset and new energy.


Stop multitasking, it’s one task at a time

People believe that it saves time to do multiple tasks at the same time. If you are also one of those people, then it is high time that you change your views. Just like one cannot sail in two boats at the same time, doing work on multiple things at once is also not recommended.

It divides the focus, consumes more energy, and more importantly reduces the work efficiency. Until and unless, the tasks are related and must be done together, avoid multitasking at the workplace.


Ever heard of the 2-minute rule?

No, we are definitely not talking about instant food here. One of the five ways to improve productivity at the workplace also involves a 2-minute rule. What does that mean? Well, it means that the tasks which can be done within 2 minutes should not be delayed.

Some tasks may seem trivial, petty, or easy but leaving them for the end can be a bad decision. If you want to become more productive at work, then get done with these smaller tasks first. Doing the smaller tasks at the beginning of the day can work like warm up tasks and can boost productivity at work.


Well, these were some of the ways in which you can improve productivity at the workplace. There are several ways to become productive at work but drinking coffee is definitely not one of them. If you are a coffee addict and want to reduce the intake of caffeine, then this blog is for you.


Written by- Priyanka Rampal


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